Spotted Sea Trout, Red-fish Feeding on the Cold Front

 Tarpon Springs fishing guide, Capt. Rich Knox, of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing led client’s in the past week to Trophy Trout and Red-fish while we were experiencing 2 different passing cold-fronts. Inshore fishing has taken off and the predators don’t seem to be bothered by the dropping water temp’s, they seem to want the real thing though either select live shrimp, pinfish or the elusive pilchards,although the experienced angler can still tease these fish on artificial’s, jigs mostly on the edges at the beginning of incoming tide.  Fishing the flats from New Port Richey to Clearwater on our fishing charters starting with the incoming tide working the drop-offs from the sand to grass edge and progressively working up on the flat fishing potholed laden flats with good moving water mostly near a pass has proved to provide plenty of action. there are even places the Snook are starting to stick there heads out of the back-country winter homes. Light tackle spinning  outfits, spooled with 8-10 lb. braid and a 3-4′  piece of fluorocarbon shock leader 15 lb. for the Trout, 20 lb. for big Red’s and if you target the Snook a want a photo of your fish start with 30 lb. if your not getting any strikes lighten up ! The Snook are a very finicky fish so you should try a variety of bait’s, if you take he time to find and cast-net up some pilchard’s your chance’s will improve.  Book now as we are going to have an early spring for best dates.  727-376-8809.