Best live bait fishing charters in Florida

The clock has struck! Reports captain John Fischbach, a west central Florida Gulf coast  professional salt water sport fishing guide service, based out of Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and Hudson, fishing the entire West Coast of Florida, including Boca Grande Pass and Tampa Bay waters. Here in West Central, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties we are very fortunate to have a topography as ours with oyster bars, Boulder rock shorelines, flat, limestone rock bottom with Swiss cheese contoured topography, that all salt water game fish love to transition in, on and around, stage at outside the mouths of the Cotee and Anclote Rivers and feed in/at. We are officially hightailing it into spring with the oh mighty Pilchard a.k.a. white bait a.k.a. horse minnow, a.k.a. backwater candy a.k.a. Snook candy is back, and the fish are being extremely reactive to it with more and more daylight in each passing day, and the warmer water temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees now!! The last of the year’s cold fronts are losing intensity, allowing the water temperatures to stay in optimum range for maximum fish catching action!!! In the winter months, the fish go into crustacean feeding mode. They can sense the hours in the day and feel the temperature of the water not all fish eat crabs but do eat shrimp, we no longer have to sling them on a number 2 hook with quarter, eighth and 1/16 ounce split shots and or jig heads, we can go back to free lining and corked bait methods with the mighty white bait, as this is all the local gamefish primary source of proteins to restore fats, lost over the intense winter that we have had. This is a good thing! A great thing, because an intensely cold and long winter means a red hot bite during the spring and summer, send me an email or give me a call to book your Spring Flats fishing charter and giant tarpon fishing charter in world famous Boca Grande May 1 through June, when the tarpon fishing will be intensely satisfying to you during the peak of the Tarpon‘s spawning process. Come and experience double digit tarpon hook ups!! How many come to the boat? That’s up to the angler. LETS GET IT!!!!