Deep Sea Fishing in Florida

Captain driving boat

Deep sea fishing is always great in our region. Just like inshore techniques, you have to know the breaks, ledges, springs, wrecks and good live bottom that is offshore from Crystal River to St. Petersburg and farther to be able to adapt and adjust to sea surface conditions as well as subsurface, in order to produce successful year round Deep Sea Fishing Charters. Absolutely breathtaking sunsets and sunrise’s. It’s not uncommon to see the water smooth as glass. It really is a special time to leave out at the break of dawn on an all day trip, three quarter day charter or half day deep sea charter with Captain John Fischbach and take advantage of the calm waters to get to the best fishing grounds the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. These are the days that are life long lasting memories!

Our 32′ contender can run quick and smooth through the Gulf of Mexico where the fish are very plentiful and with the vessel having federal reef permits and migratory pelagic endorsements, we can keep our bag of Red Snapper without interruption, when in season and far into the Gulf of Mexico to fish the fertile fishing grounds in federal waters, also known as the Florida Middle Grounds. Deep dropping over 180 feet is no feat for you FISHING WITH ELECTRIC FISHING REELS! Just push a button and up comes your fish! Please call for special seasonal rates.