Cancellation Policy

All Cancellations must be made in writing either by e-mail or by text. Cancellations by phone alone will not be honored. Cancellations must be in writing in order to clear up any miscommunications or misunderstandings. If you cancel less than 14 days before your charter date or no show on the day of your charter you will be charged 100% of the charter rate. Please be courteous and give us enough time to re-book the date and we will work with you.

Our charters are considered “rain or Shine” fishing charters. We do not cancel because of the threat of rain or actual rain showers on the day of your charter. Here on West Central Florida’s Gulf Coast rain at some level is forecasted nearly every day. Most of the time rain showers are typically brief and fast moving. The old saying down here is… “If you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes”.

All Charters require a 100% payment for all bookings made by phone or e-mail. No refund is due if you cancel less than 14 days before your charter date. Please be courteous and give us enough time to re-book the date and we will work with you.

A full 100% refund is due to the customer if cancellation occurs prior to 14 days before the reserved date(s) or for any cancellation resulting from double-booking errors, mechanical problems, inclement weather (captain’s discretion) or other act of God. No refund is due to the customer if the customer cancels inside of the 14 days before the reserved booking date (s). Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please do not book your trip until you are 100% sure of the date and time. Once you give your credit card information you agree to a 100% payment in exchange for holding the day and time of your fishing trip. This information is given verbally to every phone booking.

If the weather on the day of your charter is too dangerous to leave the dock (Large Craft Warning, Named Storm, Gale Warnings, etc…) and the Captain or office cancels the trip there will be no charge. If you the customer cancels because you perceive the weather will be bad, and the Captain does not agree no refund will be due. Small craft warnings do not apply to our size vessel & weather forecast seen on television are not considered a reliable source for sea/ocean/Gulf/river conditions in our industry.

The captain may also provide inland fishing or cruising as an alternative to “extremely rough conditions for off-shore fishing” if a severe weather bulletin is in effect. We may also try to reschedule your charter if we see weather problems approaching or if conditions are deemed “too dangerous to go off-shore fishing”.

Trophy fish are only landed onto the boat for a quick measurement for the taxidermist, before being released. If they are not to be mounted, they are released at the side of the boat in the water, as to do as little harm to the fish as possible. All fish landed to be consumed or for bait must be legal to keep (not protected, in-season, inside the bag limit and proper length). If the fish are legal to keep our customers are welcome to keep all of their catch.

Our Captains have the right to terminate any charter if any customer on board our boat becomes verbally or physically abusive to any of our crew. Verbal insults and threats are taken seriously. If a customer continually insults or berates any of our crew members to the point that it becomes abusive, our Captains have strict instructions to return to port and instruct the abusers to get off the boat. Proper authorities will be called in if necessary such as USCG, FWC, Marine Police or local Police and sheriff’s deputies.

If you or any one in your group becomes abusive verbally or physically with any charter boat or charter fishing equipment, captain or crew member to the point that your charter has to be terminated early you give up all rights to any refund.

Remember we fish hundred’s of charters a year and are always doing our best to keep all of our customers safe while creating the best fishing experience that we can. Some days the fish just don’t bite like others or customers get sea sick on calm days, please remember we, the captain and crew are doing the best we can for you at all times.