Family Fun Fishing!!!

Healthy Late Spring Common Snook

Captain John Fischbach a local fishing guide for nearly 25 years now, Has many things to report!! The water temperature has been hanging around 77 degrees, give or take 3 -5 degrees, over the coarse of a day, from civil light to a couple hours before sunset. This past Full moon was the marker of the full on feeding frenzies that happen after I sling a bat or two of live chum, to draw the big shouldered Snook Predators, Bull Redfish and yes, the awesome 2-5 lb Tarpon just relaxing, along with the biggest Gator Sea Trout that still exist letting the tidal fishing technique be lethal, the angler must be precise, with precision comes victorious capitalization of a 2/0 Owner mutu light wire circle hook turning in like it was a hinge… Live Pilchards have always been the back water “Candy” ,, but I can tell you that a little artificial fishing action brings a charter to its pinnacle of MAXIMUM adrenaline RELEASE- even the pros I take make the most silly mistakes, we laugh it off and keep “Pluggin'” along. The salinity has been high, making Pilchard Live Bait runs for me means, up at 3 A.M. launch boat @4;00 A.M. Run in the dark to 18′ of water Throwing one of my many Calusa Cast nets, 3/8″12′ net, opens 24′ in diameter, marking bait on Garmin recorder and throwing in the dark. sometimes repeating the process 8-10 times to get the right stuff and count. sometimes once is way too much bait, 10,000 pieces is not uncommon. The bite is strong and the weather patterns are right, come get YOU SOME OF WHAT OLDE FLORIDA HAS TO OFFER SEE HOW CAPTAIN JOHN GETS IT DONE!!!!!!! GREAT YEAR ROUND FISHING, FISHING CAPITOL OF THE WORLD!!! CLOSE TO TAMPA AIRPORT, CLEARWATER, TARPON SPRINGS, NEW PORT RICHEY, HOLIDAY AND HUDSON!!!!!!!