Finest Florida Fishing

There are beautiful skies and bountiful catches to be had here in Florida along with the finest fishing that the west coast has to offer, right here in god’s country of sport fishing with New Port Richey fishing guide, captain John Fischbach of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing Charters. He can get you so close to the fish, you can almost reach out and touch them. Redfish and trout have been the focus this month, snook are coming into the game along with the warming temperatures that keep teasing us, shattered by one cold front in front of the other, since the ground hog saw his shadow and predicted an extended winter. Scaled sardines have returned and are in spring migratory patterns despite Punxsutawney Phil the season predicting ground hog.


Although the best opportunities for Florida game fish are in my back yard, you too can call this majestic place home, as we hunt, stalk and ambush these fish right here in Tarpon Springs with live scaled sardines, the most exciting way to capture the amazing fish.