Captain John Fischbach of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing, a personalized charter fishing service, based in New Port Richey, and working surrounding areas of Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Hudson, New Port Richey, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, Zephyrhills, St. Petersburg including Boca Grande and the entire west central Florida gulf coast is a long time professional saltwater sport fishing guide and reports outstanding fishing in the departure of the 11th month, as we move on to the last month of the year. With water temperatures staying in the low 70s and air temperatures reaching low to mid 80s and evening lows in the mid 60s it’s another phenomenal year and those who have not booked their trips for December 2022 are soon to lose out on prime dates as availability gets tight as my calendar fills up. There’s always a day to fish, fishing is always great here but there are those special days and even though you may be traveling and are constrained by time to when and where you may be able to fish, there are always the lunar periods that provide lots more action than every great day of fishing, for these times, the fishing is outstanding. Secret? The secret is 4 to 5 days before and after each full moon and new moon, the fishing can be quite epic. The rest of the months dates are filled with life long lasting memories also, ready to be caught with Captain John. If you are looking to catch a fish that is on your bucket list or just your favorite fish again and again, on the beautiful grass flats we have to offer to the first barrier islands here on the gulf coast and on into the back country estuaries and tributaries, let’s go ahead and get it done for you on a nice big stable fishing platform, 8 foot wide and 24 feet long shallow draft and stable dry ride, will be your stage and the beautiful environment will be your setting to catch your dreams!! STAY TIGHT WITH SCREAMING DRAGS!!! Let’s get it!