Many Targets to Choose From !

8908_430078340423234_492640590_n                                              Absolute Florida Flats Fishing guide,Capt. Rich Knox of Anclote Village Marina , longtime fishing guide in Tarpon Springs,New Port Richey, and Clearwater on Florida’s west central gulf coast reports excellent Snook fishing, Spotted Sea Trout Fishing, some decent Redfishing and  the Giant Tarpon fishing migration are in full swing !  Also the Big Brown Clown (Cobia) are here and there riding and feeding on the back’s of big sting ray’s, sometimess they swim right up to the boat as the Ray is looking for where the fresh fish smell is coming from, the returning water from that Baitwell, 

holding all that bait, the bait of choice,  for all the species are the whitebait (pilchards) that we cast net up at dark-thirty, I try and catch 400-500 baits for our long 1/2 day fishing charters !  I live chum more of these sought after bait’s rich in protien and oil bait-fish than I put a hook in,  that the predator fish love !  All these fish are in the migration mode from the main-shoreline to the barrier island’s and beach’s from there back country haunts, some stay near estuary mouths as well.
The big Tarpon ranging from 100 lb. to over 200 lb. are mostly coming from there southern homes on there spawning ritual, they come from the Caribean, the Key’s, and a lot of these fish make the journey from Cental America. Of course we use a variety of tackle rod’s and reel’s for the different species ! I use braided line of different sizes for differnt species, and situations all finished off line to line connections with different sizes of Flourocarbon and style of Hook’s !!  Go for the inshore slam, Snook, Redfish, and Spotted Sea Trout , or go on the hunt for those sought after acrobatic Giant Tarpon, the Tarpon fishing is just now beginning in our area !!