Spotted sea trout invasion

With the passing cold fronts and water temperatures slowly falling the big spotted sea trout have moved in to the Anclote River, Cotee River, and many bayous and creeks, and are also sunning themselves on nearby flats on the top of the good tides.  Trout in the 5-6 lb. Range to 27” are now showing up in the warmer  water ,areas also many of the deep holes or channels with suitable food source, pilchards are still around but are tough to locate from day to day, select shrimp also work well, artificial will produce at low light, The southern region for keeping these great tasting fish is closed to keep fish limits, that line on this coast is any trout in possession south of Howard Park check with local tackle stores for information on where that is just south of Tarpon Springs, where we are fishing you can keep your limit of five fish per angler.