November Gator Trout 2011

On Saturday Nov. 26th just before our latest cold front a group of 4 anglers lead by Capt. Rich Knox of ABSOLUTE FLORIDA FLATS FISHING, longtime local guide, caught 30 some spotted sea trout in the 15″ to 25″ range and cleaned his fishing parties limits, due to fishing the north region of trout fishing line that is open all year round now with new F>W>C> rules, from Tarpon Springs, Anclote river out to Anclote key and n north on 5-6 ft. of water to knee deep inshore flats fishing with a variety of live baits and artificial lures.


      Glenn Mullen from New Hampshire visiting friends in Clearwater Fl. caught all these fish on live pilchard , pinfish, 1/4 oz. jigs with Berkley 3″ bait fish imitations, Berkley’s jerk shad rigged Texas style and Mirrolure she dog, and top dogs, plugs walked back to the boat. There was a good incoming tide and high pressure at the time of the fishing charter and the water temperature was 67* degrees, wind 10 mph out of the east.


        After this cold front passes through the water temperatures are going to dip into the low sixties maybe even high fifties this (being Wednesday Nov. 30th). The pilchards will all but be gone from our area, and the fish will be changing their diet, as they already have with the effectiveness of the imitations. A good place to start after hard cold fronts pass will be in warm water out flows like power plants, deep holes on the edge of inshore flats, before the sun gets up then slowly working your way up on the flat or just starting at late morning to mid-day ! 33