Spring Smorgasbord Time

 Absolute Florida Flats Fishing and Guide Service, reports one of the best spring fishing seasons in years, all species are on hand right now, Tarpon, Snook, Red-fish, Spotted Sea Trout, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia and more! The school’s of migratory bait-fish are here in force, live bait fishing for Snook, Red-fish, Spotted Sea Trout the ( inshore slam ) has been excellent around the big new moon and full moon tides, Trophy Snook are in the passes and on the mangrove shorelines and beach’s all with a healthy appetite and ready to fight for there life not knowing the season is closed for the spawning period. Red-fish are around in and willing in small numbers but good sized fish with 4 wheel drive, and the good slot sized Spotted Sea Trout are still available and great pan-fried, and usually some oversized fish to 5lb. The Giant Tarpon Season is upon us now as the Migratory big fish run has started, on the beaches and on some winds, (westerly) the back-country,  pods of adult tarpon are showing up and down the Florida gulf coast light winds the past few mornings has made spotting the Tarpon easy as they roll lazily on the surface. Long casts are a must so not to spook these fish, try not making your presence known, as if you were sneaking out to raid the fridge, Best baits include live small blue crabs, pilchard’s, thread-herring, pin-fish and pumpkinseed shad. Get way ahead of the rolling fish and set up, let them come to you, be courteous to other anglers do not rush up on someone stalking the Tarpon stealthily.  Give them all the room they need to take there shot, usually your in the right spot as there will be several schools and pods using the same line down the beach.