Spring Has Sprung

Absolute Florida Flats Fishing, Capt. Rich Knox reports Fishing charters out of Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, and Clearwater are producing excellent catches of Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, varieties of Shark and more on the Nearshore Reef and Wreck fishing scene.  The Kingfish are all over the map good schools of different sized fish from 20′ to 50′ with the magic water temperature being 72*F. the Artificial reef’s are a great place to start, look for school’s of baitfish on the surface or on yoyr depth recorder and slow troll around them with a large threadfin herring or horse minnow (pilchard) the King’s will not be far of, troll around the school’s not through them. Soon the line will be screaming off your reel, make sure you have plenty of 20lb. test mono-filament spooled on all your reels, in conjunction with some #3 or 4 wire stinger rig style,  or 80 to 100 lb. mono rigged with a 2x long shank hook.  Once you’ve located the fish you can anchor up and deploy a good chum block and slow live bait chum for non-stop action, fish of all sizes this time of year. Every day brings new arrivals of migratory fish to different areas,, be on the look-out for nice Cobia, Amberjack and Tuna along with the aforementioned species