Spotted Sea Trout Bonanza

New Port Richey  charter fishing guide service  “Absolute Florida Flats Fishing”   reports excellent spotted Sea Trout fishing on all the West Central Florida Gulf Coast inshore fishing waters.  Capt. Rich Knox say’s with the water temperatures falling to the mid to low 60’s has brought the huge schools of these good-fighting sport-fish to all the fl. gulf coast flats fishing venues.  The migratory baitfish run has all but finished on the Nature Coast, so it’s time to bring out your artificial bait bag, these fish will be found in depth’s of  6′ to 1/2 a foot of water,  depending on the tide and temperature.  Light spinning tackle that enables you to make long casts set up with 8-10 lb. Berkley ultra cast braid,  with 3′ of 20 lb. fluorocarbon, this work’s best for me in conjunction with your lure of choice, that  suits the conditions, 1/16 to 3/8 oz jig’s with a variety of shrimp and baitfish imitations being my favorite.  Start at the beginning of the incoming tide on the outside edges of the flat, ( preferably one where you see bird activity) and work with the tide up on to the flat beginning with the broken bottom areas of sand and sea-grass, when you get bit,  quietly anchor and work the area.  The Trout produce exciting surface strike’s on top water plug’s in this situation, after thoroughly working the area, pull anchor and drift fish until you locate the fish. These excellent eating fish are from 2lb. to 8lb. (upper end of our range) and will provide great fun for the expert to novice angler,  alway’s remember to  Take a Kid Fishing !