Absolute Florida Flats Fishing, a professional full time fishing guide service serving the West Central Forida Gulf Coast area of Tarpon springs, Clearwater and New Port Richey reports the inshore/ nearshore fall fishing season is finally here, even with water temperatures in the low to mid 80’s, temperatures are falling, making the bite HOT!!!!!. The day light hours are shortening with every passing day. Even though the temps are still up there, many factors drive fish to eat… moon phases, lunar periods and a few more. These factors tell the fish to get ready for old man winter, when the protien packed pilchards thin out tremendously, making the post spawned snook, redfish in spawn and spotted sea trout coming back to the shallow water to get the filet mingnon of food (to them) while the getting is good and easy before they transition into thier crustation diet mode. Slowly but surely and consistantly cooling water temperatures and air temperatures at night marks the commencement of the most comfortable fishing of the year approaching along with the migration of our famous local gamefish. Pilchards, small to full blown horse minnow size returning to all the beach’s and flats has flipped the switch, hence the fishing has taken off with all the predator species on hand. Snook season is open for fish measuring 28” to 33” with a compressed tail ! The Red-fish spawn is on and

happening right now in the semi-shallow grass fishing flats with large hard bottom sandy potholes. The season change triggers many changes in our fishery, the barometric change along with cooler water will begin the annual migration of the big Spotted

Kenneth with a 34 1/2″ oversize Redfish!

Sea Trout, not to mention all the nearshore species that have


begun to head back towards their winter haunts. Cobia, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Bonita and more. I start my day by catching (cast netting) a live-well full of the bait of choice (pilchards). Depending on the targeted fish inshore and nearshore, we will fish from deep stained waters of the nearby river’s and estuary system’s, the grass flats, barrier islands, sounds and bays to the beaches and nearshore rock piles. During this time of the season all the predator game fish have the feed bag on looking to store fat for the upcoming winter, all on light tackle spinning equipment, pilchard’s are their favorite food this time of year due to it’s high protein and high fat content. We will have a bait well full of them, live bait chumming is very effective in creating a feeding frenzy for non-stop aggressive fish catching ! Our days are shortening in length lowering the water temperature. This fishing should remain with us through December.  This is a special time of year for fishing (MY FAVORITE TIME) with your family, friends buddys, business acquaintance, good company from out of town on a visit to our beautiful State.

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