ABSOLUTE FLORIDA FLATS FISHING charters had a good day flats fishing with clients John and Cory  after sitting out for a while due to passing cold fronts, as the morning lows dictate water temperatures, daily lows were below 60* F until Friday, as it was 60* F when we started out on a Spotted Sea Trout  fishing trip from Anclote Village Marina near Tarpon Springs. We headed south to the Clearwater area as the flats were still out of the water leaving Tarpon Springs, caught a beautiful sunrise on our journey south as we left the dock at 7 am. With the tide coming in strong, air temperature was 50* F, with a nice gentle S.E. breeze, it was a brisk wake up call, very refreshing, it warmed up quick, arriving at our first stop fished some deeper areas with ¼ oz. jigs to cover as much ground as possible with a slow retrieve just fast enough to keep the bait imitations from getting snagged. Cory got the skunk out of the boat rather quickly with a nice 2-3 lb. Trout; we tried some live select shrimp which only drew the attention of some very hungry pinfish. The tide was pouring in so I decided to go to nearby inshore fishing flat, we switched up tackle to Mirro-Lure, Mirro-Dine 3/8 oz. and some Berkley Jerk Shads, these baits also allow you to cover ground, with push pole or Motor Guide electric trolling motor on slow to get really shallow, on several backcountry inshore fishing flats we caught and lost some bigger trout in the 4-6 lb. range. Strange enough the flat I was waiting to get on wasn’t as productive as I had hoped, fluctuating water temperatures, always trial and error, JUST FISH, we had a great time on the water, got plenty of sun, and had plenty of fish for dinner it was 74* F on the dock when we returned. The weather has stabilized for now temperatures for the sun coast are forecast to be in the mid to upper 70’s for the next week this will only improve Trout fishing, Red-fishing and more.