Summertime in Full Swing

             Tarpon Springs Fishing Guide Capt. Rich Knox reports with the flats water temperatures hovering at 89* F and higher the fish have been found in deeper waters, the beach and any kind of structure out there like downed tree’s or rock piles and jetties are holding some fish !  At the same time you can scan the horizon for some Tarpon returning from the Full-Moon spawn. Early morning or late evening are when the fish are most active, and they usually won’t chase a fresh caught bait fish for long, ct the tail partially off the pilchards if you find some decent size one’s, pinfish and pigfish or grunts also work well over the sand for Snook, Redfish, and just maybe a Trout, the Tarpon returning will eat the pilchard’s when placed in the strike zone. There are plenty of Black-Tip Shark’s and other variety around that like cut bait of almost any kind, I like to sight fish them on the sand bars with a live finger silver mullet, just cast out in front of the Shark he’ll find it quickly , use a small piece of #9-12 wire tied to a 4-5 foot piece of 50-60 lb. flourocarbon using the blood knot. Evening is also another good time to get out and do some fishing with long day’s we are expierencing !!  weather is important to keepa close eye on due to our morning, afternoon and evening thunderstorms.  Gag grouper fishing is now open to keep fish 22″ and  over, they will be found from 35′ of  water  on out on your favorite GPS # or if you mark a good bottom on your Sonar, while your out there the kid’s can enjoy catching Gray Snapper or Big Grunts 2 at a time !                                                           IMG_016240inchsnooksandbarpointofcove013 (2)