Summer Like Great Fall Fishing

Mr. B

Mr. B

Tarpon Spring’s fishing guide service, Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports very good breeder sized Redfish in and around area pass’s and grass flats in the New Port Richey to Clearwater FL. Redfish from 27″ to 34″ and up to 17lb. are moving in for the fall spawning activities that occur on the shallow inshore fishing flats. Every fall the offshore breeder (big-redfish) come back to the estuary systems to spawn with the younger male redfish just off our barrier island beach’s right on back to the estuary systems, along the main coast shoreline all the time gorgeing on the returning pilchard (baitfish) that just hatched out in the Gulf of Mexico and return to the shallow’s as the water temperatures cool. These conditions should last for 4to 6 week’s, we havn’t had a good cold front yet but supposedly this week we are going to get a taste of cool weather for a few day’s, unseasonal water temperatures are still in the low 80’s, this will begin the major feeding for all inshore and nearshore species like Snook, King-fish, Big- Spotted Sea Trout, large Spanish Mackerel and more, before winter’s bite and the departure of the pilchard’s for warmer water’s and the migration’s will begin, it is a slow good fishing process that should last into December !  The cooler water temperatures will normally group up these fish, up and down the West Central FL. Gulf Coast for excellent fishing oppurtunities, along with optimum fishing conditions as far as air temperatures go ! Catch a Memory !024

             chris and a 30 + inch Redfish                                                                                     Schooling fall Snook                                                                                                                    

chris and a 30 + inch Redfish


Schooling fall Snook