Sportsman’s Fishing Paradise

Here in in the fishey waters off and inside the coastline from Hernando County to Pinellas, including the GEM, Pasco county… Lies the most pristine back country system of creeks, saltwater springs and sun bathing areas along with shelter from the sun, which could and does bring the water temperature as low as 45 degreesF – 95 degreesF. The ecological system is in my mind with the many variables that I take into account when pointing the boat in the direction of which we wind up. Bent, Tight and drags singing…. This is all I can do, the rest is up to you. I provide opportunity, capitalizing on EVERY BITE is imperative to you catching your most sought after game fish. I provide the professional guide service, top of the line equipment for the fish you would like to catch, the bait, whether live bait or artificial bait fishing, also the instruction of how the fish in the west central Florida region feed.