HUGE trout bite is every cast
HUGE trout bite is every cast

Captain John Fischbach of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing, a professional saltwater sport fishing guide service is your Charter service you’ve been looking for. Remember when I pull up to the dock to pick you up that most of the time, my 3 charter boats are immaculate. If it seems like a WORK BOAT, it is. Each boat is worked hard and long, I go through professional deck hands quite frequently, maintenance is perpetual. I have an open account at the local family owned and operated boat do it all shop. They know to keep me goin and I’ll always have something I don’t always have time to repair myself. 2 new Power poles and a new trolling motor next week – tools of the trade eventually become non-repairable and sponsors like when their new products are on my boats, so….. TROUT!!! they are biting anything that twitches the right way. LETS FISH THIS WINTER OUT, FILL THE BOOK AND GETT’R DUNE!!! 727-364-3265 OR FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM BELOW, IT RINGS DIRECTLY TO MY PHONE, PLEASE INCLUDE A GOOD PHONE NUMBER. TIGHT LINES AND SCREAMING DRAGS!!!

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