I’ts ALWAYS GREAT FISHING on West Central Florida Gulf Coast, Nature Coast From Key West north to Louisiana, lie our firtile, unspoiled natural backcountry estuaries and ecosystem, incubating then nurturing to great health and mature enough to poke their heads out as toddlers, some not so fortunate as the others who retreted back to nest to forrage around, grow and learn how to survive, be elusive and agressive at the same time.

taylor with a very nice 27″ top slot red that she sight casted to, Happy Birthday!!!

With all this being said, I have a tremendous love for the water. it all started on and in saltwater, then to freshwater lakes rivers and streams in and around Pasco county florida. Then back to the saltwater, from atlantic ocean to sweet water fishing, back to the gulf of mexico and atlantic ocean. so many great opportunities and choices to make on which opportunity to gratefully accept, the gift of a school of foraging refish, nose down and tail up feasting on any crunchy thing with meat inside, move up to, surround, and start tailing 360 degrees around and almost under our boat is one of the most killer awesome things to experiance..  laying on a dogleg, in mangroves outfishing to the feeding station and 50CAL.  rounds, FINGERMULLET  being ran down by 2-4 post spawn female snook!!! they hit the gunwale, are shot in the boat and one drag then 2nd drag SCREAMS!!!!!!                                                  GOT TARPON- ? Want Tarpon? are you a Tarpon head? if ya are, lets get em!!! because as am I. The fishings great call now to book your 1/2 day charter, 3/4 is best. too early in year to fish 8-10 hr flats trips now, not necessary. Honesty is key to a successful life when you’re a fishing guide like me and the gang. 1-(727)376-8809 DIRECT TO THE BOAT PHONE, IF YOU GET VOICEMAIL, I’LL GET BACK TO YA AFTER THE SUNBLOCK IS OUTTA MY EARS!!! IT’S TIME TO TAKE A KID FISHING I’M VERY KID ORIENTED. PATIENCE, THE FUTURE FISHES MY BOATS.

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