Nearshore Fishing Seem’s Best

     Tarpon Springs Fishing guide Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports very good catch’s of Red grouper, Gag grouper, White Snapper, cobia and more on the nearshore Reef’s and Wreck’s, recent trips from 25′ to 37′ have been providing good action, start by finding a nice break in the bottom that the sonar paints thick (hard bottom) check for bait and bigger fish on your sonar and spin around and anchor up. send down some double rigged Grunt outfit’s to get the action started, stir up the bottom a bit and get the Grouper’s curiosity fired up, light conventional rod like kingfish rod’s work well here with 20lb. main line and 20lb. Flourocarbon leader, 2/0 circle hook’s and fresh squid with a 2-4 oz sinker on the bottom of your rig, when you feel the bite just reel.  For the Grouper families there you’ll need a stout 40-50 lb. rated conventional rod with a 4/0 reel like a Penn senator literally with the drag hammered down, 50-60 lb. main line and a 4-6 oz sinker above the swivel, 3′ of 60lb. -80lb. fluorocarbon leader,  finished off with a 7/0 or 8/0 extra strong circle hook.  Begin sending down some dead Spanish sardine to get some good scent going, then put some live bait Pinfish, Grass grunts or Squirrel fish down and be ready to reel and point that rod tip to the heaven’s !  I alway’s deploy a good chum block for that stray Cobia that are occupying that hard bottom area,  be on the lookout when these big brown clown’s come swimming up your chum slick, put out a tarpon class rod with a pinfish on it and set it in the rod holder !