Nearshore Fishing Keep’s You Busy

Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing and guide service reports very good nearshore reef and wreck fishing this week with good catch’s of Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, White snapper, shark’s of a variety, even seeing some nice sized Bonito and Spanish Mackerel on there 1/2 day fishing trips.  Fishing the hard-bottom from 30′ on out to 50′ we encountered all the above mentioned species also hooking a nice Sailfish on a live pinfish, on a spinning tackle flat line sitting in the rod-holder while dropping bait’s to the Grouper and snapper.  The bill-fish, a good size Sail in the 60 lb. range jumped, ran off line, jumped some more completely around the boat 360* and then ran like a trophy King-fish toward Texas with the tide until his powerful tail either wrapped up our line or just wore it out ( 20lb.braid ) the battle lasted about 25 minutes until the badly fr-aid line broke, the fish even got into the mono backing before breaking us off about 100 yds. she was all lite up Blues, Purples, Gold and full of vigor, what an surprisingly wonderful thrill while dropping baits for good table fare.  All in all over 50 fish day’s, and it beats the heat this time of year !