In Between the Front’s

Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing and Guide Service reports excellent inshore fishing a day or two after this winter’s mild cold front’s. Fishing New Port Richey, Tarpon Spring’s to Clearwater inshore waters. Spotted Sea Trout fishing, fish from 18″ to 27″ are being caught from the barrier island’s to the main shoreline on live select shrimp, 1/4 oz. jig’s with either a fish paddle tail imitation or shrimp impostor work well in certain color’s, take into account the bottom, water quality, and cloud cover. The water temperatures have been bouncing between 57*F to 74*F on our nearby fishing flat’s, on the big tide day’s Red-fish have been ready and willing to bite, live shrimp being my first choice or cut lady-fish, Berkley Gulp Shrimp imitation for the artificial enthusiast! these fish from 18″ to 30″ and 10lb. are using the flats on the warm up day’s and retreat to dark bottomed nearby canal’s as the water temperatures drop, you should try working dock’s on the north side of canals loaded with docks this side heat’s up first with the bright sun beating on it all day. Near and in the Anclote power plant ditch has been producing nice Pompano, Permit, and big Trout on the coldest day’s when you see smoke pouring from the the large smoke stack, doc’s goofy jig’s tipped with shrimp are the lure, bait of choice.