Absolute Florida Flats Fishing,  reports good Spotted Sea Trout fishing on  a ½ day Flats fishing charter on Thursday February 9th, Capt. Rich meet his client at the dock in near Tarpon Springs at 7:30 am. as we were a couple days past the full-moon, the tide didn’t really begin to come in good south in Clearwater, Palm Harbor area till 8 am., so we had a nice morning run on the SILVERKING flats skiff. The wind was out of the North East at 10 to 12 mph, we had a cloudy,  cool,  low sealing that I was grateful for, as Mike was wanting to fish artificial lures, when we arrived at our 1st stop,  I lowered the Motor Guide Trolling motor down quietly and began working the outer edges of the flat with ¼ oz.jigs with a paddle tail baitfish imitation,  the 1st cast produced a nice Trout in the 20” range, we power poled down, we would catch a dozen before we had caught them all or ran them off, fished on a ways and released a few more. Mike and I hit many  inshore  flats catching nice trout on most stops and several double- headers,  fish over 20” and 5 lb. , as we fished our way back to the Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey Area near the top of the tide switching back and forth from the jigs, jerk-shad and the Mirrodine  hard bait, the water temperature rose to a 68* F  high for the day,  we were fishing some rock piles and hooked a nice snook, we got a good look at him,  but he or probably she,  didn’t take long to wear through the 20 lb. leader, we were using, very exciting, nice strong run ,  a real-good sign for February, soon all the flats species should be on hand, I have even heard fishing reports from other longtime fishing guides that they are beginning to encounter King Mackerel,  it’s  going to happen early,  get your gear ready . This would be a good time for the long-rod also with the amount of Tout and other things developing everyday, A clouser in the Pilchard look variety, or a deceiver in the shallower water will work real well,  use stealthy approach’s for these fish are very spooky in a foot or two of water !