Captain John Fischbach a very successful and extremely knowledgeable Fishing Guide with Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports that with the consistent warm weather pushing it’s way in and shooing the cold weather away, using shrimp or pinfish free lined and on split shot weights or even under a cork is starting to become fishing techniques for winter, a part of history for 2016. The Pilchard and Threadfin Herring migration has begun to the south and they are making their way up the West Coast in the Gulf Of Mexico. The bait has been caught in our area, however the Gamefish are non-reactive to it yet. As the New Moon (Dark) approaches, water temperatures will rise and the fish will suddenly turn on to the minnows either free lined or under a cork. Right behind the bait will be Spanish Mackerel and King Mackerel along with the big brown clown, COBIA!!!! March and April are months of explosive fish catching action that is non stop on my 3/4 day, 6 hour charters and full day, 8 hour charters. Choosing the full day allows you to fish both sides of the tide.

Three generatinons shared lifelong lasting family fishing memories on a 3/4 day charter!

Three generatinons shared lifelong lasting family fishing memories on a 3/4 day charter!

A 1/2 day Charter, 4-5 hours is enough time to have a very successful fishing trip, fishing one side of the tide, either incoming or outgoing tides for Snook, Redfish, Trout and Cobia. My 3/4 day charters ensure that you have plenty of time to catch a lot more fish. Then there is the old mighty Tarpon… a 1/2 day charter or 3/4 day charter is enough time to put many in the air and get a couple to the boat. Big Game Tarpon Fishing Season peaks May 1st thru the 1st week of July and are plentiful in out area during these months, while early migrations are not uncommon during April. It’s about to be on like donkey kong folks! 

Capt. John Fischbach


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