Great Fishing Both Inshore and Nearshore

Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports excellent inshore fishing along with nearshore fishing, our fishing guide service ran backcountry fishing trips to nearshore reefs and wreck fishing this week with outstanding success ! The bite is on every where Snook, Red-fish, Spotted Sea Trout and the occasional Cobia on our inshore flats fishing adventures and smoker King-fish, Spanish Mackerel and again Cobia slow trolling or anchored and chumming with Pilchard’s over hard bottom reef’s or wrecks. White-bait is the key to good catches’ as that is what the fish are looking for, sometimes tough to find it’s worth spending the time to gather up at least a couple hundred ! Use them on the hook and live chum some in the area you are fishing and it won’t be long till you know if your target species is in the vicinity.

                                               Even on our weaker tides the fish are responding to an easy meal, fish the best part of the tide for best results, these conditions should last well into April as long as Mother Nature co-operates, the weather has been outstanding, highs in the low 80’s and early mornings in the low 60’s, perfect with winds out of the east 5 -15 mph and a sea -breeze in the afternoon to cool things off, also water temperatures are in the lower 70’s.

                                                Capt. Rich Knox had the pleasure of David, son Mike and Grandson Jacob on a nearshore fishing charter this week and where kept busy with King-fish to and over 30 lbs. and beautiful Spanish Mackerel to 5-6 lb. regularly, on  several fish we had to be extra careful as we wrapped line around numerous stone crab trap bouy’s, but got unwrapped quickly, these traps are placed on the good live rock and hard bottom areas that these fish frequent as does big pods of bait-fish, if always scan the horizon for diving birds or the bait schools on the surface, troll around them, almost always there is a Big king-fish right there underneath them, it’s game on after that with a properly rigged good-sized bait-fish!