From Winter to Summer in a Week !

Tarpon Springs fishing guide, Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports our fishing charters are producing good catch’s on the  Snook fishing, Red-fish fishing and Spotted  Sea Trout fishing front’s. The fish are starting to warm up finally with the longer day’s and water temperatures rising into the upper sixties and in some places 70’s and above !  The fish are biting on both sides of the tide, incoming and outgoing, the tide change is a good place to try your Snook spot’s ! We are now seeing the return of the migratory bait-fish (pilchards), they are in several spots, sometimes you can catch them any time of day if your lucky, but normally this cast-netting of these bait-fish is done before the sun comes over the hill, depending on water temperature you might have to rodeo them, which means throwing on them while there moving, when water temps are not steadily above 70 degree’s.  With temperatures going into the 70’s at the time of this report, a good chum block works, but you can also make your own with the right ingredients, most custom home made chum begins with canned jack-mackerel, dry fish food, steamed rolled oats, and some fish oil.  Light tackle shallow water excitement ! SnookislandsMarchFullSizeRenderEddiescanal1stbaitMarchloaded