Flat’s Fishing Remains Hot

    Tarpon Springs fishing guide’s and fishing charters, Absolute Florida Flats Fishing with Capt. Rich Knox and company, (areas best local fishing guides) have been providing clients with outstanding Snook fishing, Trout fishing,  Tarpon fishing and more on our recent inshore fishing charters !  Big breeder Snook are in the beach swash channel’s and pass’ and on some tides right up close to the mangroves with a Red-fish or two.  Early morning hours with low light and cooler water temperatures seem to be best along with some good tidal flow where your fishing, these fish don’t seem to like looking into the sun, or the warmer water at mid-day !  There are still some real nice sea trout in and nearby the snook, usually on the grass drop-offs near the pass your fishing.  Big Pilchards, aka whitebait have been turning the switch for all species at this time, but a well placed Grunt on the sand usually doesn’t survive the soak when your on the fish as these fish love to  consume snook egg’s, and in turn the snook rarely pass up a fresh one, that’s out there just a grunting away. Al these fish are vary wary, in the gin clear waters of New Port Richey, Fl.  , Clearwater Fl. , and Tarpon Springs area beaches, light leader is a must, no more thabn 30lb. fluorocarbon if you want to get multiple bites.  Use the largest baits in the pass area  with 1/0  to 2/0 live bait hook’s,  and your smaller ones on the beach with the pod’s of spawn bait-fish returning that you’ll see, the dark cloud in the clear water, on the beach with a # 1 hook. 

              Grouper season open’s up July 1st and should be very productive along with a number of other species on the reef’s and wreck’s close by off our beach’s in 25′ to 45′ of water, catch 50 some fish on a 1/2 day fishing trip, Gag grouper, red-grouper, white snapper, cobia, bonita, Spanish mackerel and more !