The temps are heating up and so are fishing options to target certain species for anglers in and around West Central Florida’s gulf coast. The neashore hard bottom where grouper get in 4 – 18 feet of water, the reefs are teaming with spanish mackerel, just locate the birds and the fish are not far away. There are also lady fish and jackfish mixed in. Casting Johnson sprite silver spoons and gold spoons catch fish or shrimp tipped jig heads have been working phenomonolly!! after live chumming the SWARM OF INSHORE BONITO AND SPANISH JUMBO MACKEREL AND KINGFISH KING MACKS!!!. Those looking to tackle big game there are plenty of sharks in the nearshore waters as well. I like to anchor up, get some cut baits in the water, start a chum slick and wait. They will show up and when they do they will keep you busy as long as you wish. There ARE ALWAYS BIG ONES AND BIGGER THAN THEM   !!!  so make sure and beef up your breakfast, BETTER EAT YOUR WHEATIES!!! to increase your chances !!   Snook and Redfish action on high tides along the mangroves and docks near the passes along with summer flounder in the back countrey to the beaches, they are muck more tasty than florida flounder.  and yes there is a difference. NO LOL ….   ROLMAO!! Free lining live bait or casting fake bait is the ticket in the secret slick, we will have all the species behind the fleet of any of our boats.  owned, operated by captain John Fischbach AND PARTNER captain Todd Davis!!! we have 3 boats and another in production, to also serve every fish catching experiance you could imagine. call !!! 

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