Christmas Holiday Trout/Redfish

   ABSOLUTE FLORIDA FLATS FISHING went on several flats fishing trips this week with some locals and out of towners seeking Floridas wonderful weather this December.Fishing was up and down like the water temperatures, with our big Trout making the strongest showing. Captain rich had the pleasure of taking out the Fred Pugh family , wife Jeanie, daughters Sarah (left) and Katie on a 1/2 day flats fishing charter , we started the day by netting up a couple hundred scaled sardines and on to some good Spotted Sea Trout fishing ,after which we tried some good red fish flats but to no avail today but had a great time as the southerly breeze and all-day sun provided us with a great day on the water Dec. 23rd .

                                                 Tuesday Capt. rich had Ohioians, Eric and son Tommy Johnson a student at Ohio State, we caught some keeper trout , red fish , ladyfish , and sea bass all on light tackle spinning outfits that made for some great fun and good battles. The forecast for the next week seems to be the same highs inthe mid-70’s to high 70’s and are lows are going to be around 60* F we have been starting our day out in shorts and wind breakers . For some good Florida december fishing call 727-376-8809 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS !  ! !