Flat’s Fishing Remains Hot

    Tarpon Springs fishing guide’s and fishing charters, Absolute Florida Flats Fishing with Capt. Rich Knox and company, (areas best local fishing guides) have been providing clients with outstanding Snook fishing, Trout fishing,  Tarpon fishing and more on our recent inshore fishing charters !  Big breeder Snook are in the beach swash channel’s and pass’… Read more »

Light Tackle Snook Excitement

   Tarpon Springs fishing guide,  Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing has been leading clients to a inshore flats fishing bonanza, big breeding female snook are biting well when not busy spawning on the beaches and area pass’s ! New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs and Clearwater Fl. barrier islands and pass’s are holding very good numbers of these… Read more »

Inshore Flats Fishing Excitement

      Tarpon Springs Fishing guide Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports inshore fishing excitement is to be had with water temperatures approaching 80*F, snook fishing, Red-fishing, Trout fishing have all been very good as long as the tide is flowing, if you had a fish fry in mind there are still good… Read more »

The Whole Gang

   Tarpon Springs Fishing Guide,  Capt. Rich Knox’s fishing report,  inshore fishing and nearshore fishing waters are teaming with all our favorites at this time, with the cooler spring weather we are experiencing.  Inshore when the wind is almost any direction except West the Big Tarpon are coming through the area very good, you most likely can find… Read more »

Inshore / Offshore / Your Choice

  Tarpon Springs / New Port Richey Fishing Guide,  Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports outstanding Inshore flats fishing on the good tide day’s, Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and more are all feeding well on the migratory bait-fish run. Tarpon are showing up on the beach’s up and down the Suncoast, there also on some… Read more »

Spring Has Sprung

Absolute Florida Flats Fishing, Capt. Rich Knox reports Fishing charters out of Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, and Clearwater are producing excellent catches of Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, varieties of Shark and more on the Nearshore Reef and Wreck fishing scene.  The Kingfish are all over the map good schools of different sized fish from 20′ to 50′… Read more »

April Forecast Red Hot

Tarpon Springs fishing guide,  Capt. Rich Knox of  Absolute Florida Flats Fishing, has been running Inshore Fishing Charters for over 20 + yrs. out of New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater and many other  West Central Florida Gulf Coast locales.  Spring fishing is here to stay,  April will be an outstanding month as the late season… Read more »

Hot Fishing to Cool Fishing

Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports Fishing Charters out of Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, and Clearwater with longtime fishing guide Capt. Rich Knox, having outstanding success on several Inshore Fishing species, Gator Trout fishing, Redfishing, and Snook fishing are all co-operating well when using fresh caught scaled sardines. Light tackle spinning outfits spooled with 8-10 ultra-cast Berkley… Read more »

Late Passing Cold Fronts

Tarpon Springs fishing guide Capt. Rich Knox reports inshore flats fishing,  steady Spotted Sea Trout, Red-fishing, Snook and more on the late season cold fronts that have been passing through. Even with water temperatures hitting 60*F the fish are still active enough to have a great day on the water, find protected areas on the high tide… Read more »

Spring Come Back Soon

Tarpon Springs fishing guide Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports excellent spring fishing this week before the impending coldest front of the year! Snook fishing was beginning to happen on a regular basis, along with Red-fish, Spotted Sea Trout and some well received school’s of Pompano on the inshore fishing flats of New… Read more »

Early Sping Fishing

Tarpon Springs fishing guide,  Capt.Rich Knox reports running several fishing charters on the inshore flats of Tarpon springs to Clearwater and New Port Richey this week.  The beginning of the week was red hot,  just falling off the new moon, Red-fish, Spotted Sea Trout and some nice flounder were all on hand using a combination… Read more »

Spotted Sea Trout, Red-fish Feeding on the Cold Front

 Tarpon Springs fishing guide, Capt. Rich Knox, of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing led client’s in the past week to Trophy Trout and Red-fish while we were experiencing 2 different passing cold-fronts. Inshore fishing has taken off and the predators don’t seem to be bothered by the dropping water temp’s, they seem to want the real… Read more »

Little Warm Up’s turn on the Bite

Tarpon Spring’s fishing guide service, Absolute Florida Flats Fishing with Capt. Rich Knox and fellow fishing guides are reporting excellent inshore fishing, from the main-shoreline to the barrier island’s from Clearwater, Tarpon Springs on to New Port Richey fishing has been producing a number of species on the day’s following the Northern blows ! Great tasting Spotted… Read more »

In Between the Front’s

Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing and Guide Service reports excellent inshore fishing a day or two after this winter’s mild cold front’s. Fishing New Port Richey, Tarpon Spring’s to Clearwater inshore waters. Spotted Sea Trout fishing, fish from 18″ to 27″ are being caught from the barrier island’s to the main shoreline… Read more »

New Moon Winter Slams

Capt. Rich Knox, the Tarpon Springs Fl. fishing guide of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing and Guide Service reports excellent inshore flats fishing with the high tides of the new moon combined with a gentle SE breeze, using a combination of live select shrimp and 1/4 oz jig’s with a CAL Arkansas glow shad tail or Mirro-lures… Read more »

Winter Fishing Refreshing

         Capt. Rich Knox of Absolute Florida Flats Fishing, a Fishing Guide Service located on the West Central Fl. Gulf Coast reports fishing the Christmas week was hard fishing on the inshore fishing scene with high winds and coldest water temperatures of the year on the full moon front. We saw water temperatures plummet into… Read more »

Great Winter Flats Fishing

Tarpon Spring’s fishing guide Capt. Rich Knox’s fishing report exclaims excellent big (Gator) Spotted Sea Trout, in good numbers on many shallow flats fishing area flats from Clearwater Fl. to New Port Richey Fl. on most likely the entire Florida Gulf Coast. Absolute Florida Flats Fishing Captains ran several fishing charters this week all producing limit… Read more »

Spotted Sea Trout Bonanza

New Port Richey  charter fishing guide service  “Absolute Florida Flats Fishing”   reports excellent spotted Sea Trout fishing on all the West Central Florida Gulf Coast inshore fishing waters.  Capt. Rich Knox say’s with the water temperatures falling to the mid to low 60’s has brought the huge schools of these good-fighting sport-fish to all the… Read more »

Flats Fishing for Gator’s

Tarpon Springs Fishing Guide Service Absolute Florida Flats Fishing reports with the passing of hurricane Sandy and a couple mild cold fronts that turned our waters cloudy and cooler, have passed,  with good tides of the Full-Moon flushing the inshore fishing Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey area Flats is back to high visibility and… Read more »

Great Fall Fishing

Tarpon Springs Fishing Guide Service, Absolute Florida Flats Fishing with Capt. Rich Knox reports outstanding fall fishing both inshore fishing and nearshore fishing have been red-hot with all species on hand now with water temperatures in the 70’s. Starting with the migration of  the Gag-Grouper moving inshore to there shallow water haunts, along with good numbers… Read more »