Big Trout Cearwater to Tarpon Springs

        ABSOLUTE FLORIDA FLATS FISHING went on a fishing trip Monday January 9th, after the cold front passed through last week, it took a little bit of time to warm back up into the high 70’s ! We left the dock mid- morning, let the sun drench the inshore saltwater fishing flats, and warm things, the water temperature was 62* F,  and the tide was coming in good with that warm south wind. The water quality was very-good, started out using Berkley 1/4 oz. jigs with small white bait immitations and there 5″, 7″  jerk-shad rigged weedless ( texas style), trying to locate where the Trout fishing was going to be the best, depth of water etc. The majority of the Trout were in 2′ to 5′ of water, some even shallower soaking up the sun at mid-day in potholes along the edges of the fishing flat we were on ! The jerk-shad produced the best as we could work them slower than the jig, there were alot of baitfish on every flat we visited, mostly pinfish and some ( pilchards ) , can’t believe there still in the area, I quess there stuck here for the winter, they will find a warm water refuge, as the gulf water temperatures are even colder than the inshore flats. Red Fish were also in the area, but refused everything we tried they were in the 25″ to 27″ range, it would have been just about fruitless trying a live select shrimp for the pinfish, tried a Berkley Gulp shrimp, they were not interested, there was no shotage of food on any inshore flat. Alot of the fish we encountered were just there for the sun, soaking it up, we hardly spooked them, they just  slowly moved of us. We managed some nice Trout though enough for several great fresh fish dinners.