Beautiful weather brings quality fish to the table

John on left with his friend Wayne holding just a fraction of their day!

        Captain John Fischbach a very knowledgeable, friendly, seasoned and successful fishing guide reports: As the cold fronts become weaker and the cold weather subsides, the amount of daylight in each day is increasing with daylight saving time beginning on March 13th, just one week before the first day of Spring! Until then the Spotted Sea Trout and Redfish have been feeding consistently on the West Central Florida Gulf Coast along Pasco and Pinellas counties. The warm up we are about to encounter in the next week, will bring in the first wave of “Groceries”, Scaled Sardines, Pilchards and Threadfin Herring in mixed bags of sizes and families. For the fish, it’s like ordering your food in a restaurant and, waiting for it and trays of delicious food keep whisking by you!!! Things are literally getting warmed up and turned on. Until the “Groceries” arrive in full force with the migration of the migratory predator fish right behind them, we wear light jackets in the morning and wind up taking off the layers of shirts and pants we wear over our shorts as temperatures rise just below 80 degrees for the next 7-10 days, Great Year Round Fishing is about to turn into fierce explosions by Snook, strong charges by Redfish, and the most aggressive Trout bite we’ve seen since autumn. Cobia will be ready to get pulled off of the backs of the stingrays also.

 Capt. John Fischbach


John with one of his redfish caught on live shrimp

Wayne with one of many Redfish caught on a single stop


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