Before the blow, Redfish go on parade!

          Doglegs, can be found everywhere in all shapes and sizes. no, not a k9’s leg! I’m speaking of tidal flow relief areas along shorelines of backcountry, barrier islands, beaches, winding and twisting mazes of mangrove island stretches and deep water canals, where a substantially significant amount of water can be found whisking by with the naked eye on the surface as the tide ebbs and floods. Some doglegs are magical on incoming tides, (the flood) while others only produce fish on the outgoing (ebb) tides. Some are great to fish on both sides of the tide and are configured in a shape that will have the fish moving from one side to the other, not far at all, as the tide turns the fish switch sides to take cover from swift moving water yet stay on the edge so they can eat any meal that may get carried in front of them as the water flows. Just about everywhere you look you can find a dogleg if you look at the big picture, somewhere along that 50-500yard stretch of almost straight edge or curved shoreline, no matter what the composition of the location is, there is a sweet spot. Fishing in the month of February with varying wind speeds, both air and water temperatures, require some thought to provide a successful fishing charter. There are more ingredients in one of my successful charters than many even begin to realize. Live shrimp hooked just below the horn on a 1/0 circle hook with 20 lb. Berkley Vanish fluorocarbon leader and a split shot 4-6 inches from the hook has been working very well while fishing deep, in fast moving tides to get the bait to and keep it in that sweet spot! Here was the best catch, life long lasting memories with new friends and all smiles, sharing great times on a 3/4 day charter. West Central Florida’s Gulf of Mexico from grass flats to hard bottom creeks and canals with beautiful light jacket weather can not be beat. Great year round fishing is always available here!!!

Rev with his sheepshead

John M. on left and “Rev” on right with 4 of over 30 reds they worked!


Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing John M and his friend “Rev”. It was the day of the dark moon, a three tide day. On the first stop I deemed the charter to be a success, as I lost count after the 20th Redfish came in the boat. The Sheepshead was a bonus appetizer. These two fine gentlemen were a pleasure to fish!

Capt. John Fischbach


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